Why this sector is claiming for innovation and better efficacy

Caused by high reoffending rates, one of the most likely consequences of imprisonment “boom” are effects on the public safety and economic production in local and world markets. As a result, communities are being affected greatly by the massive correctional justice system costs and loss of potential workforce among their economically active juveniles and adults. RestartUs is converging key technologies to shape our future and creating an opportunity to solve this humanity’s relevant challenge.

Why now

Framework for an exponential future

As the future of work becomes increasingly entrepreneurial, young people who experienced the correctional system are looking to embrace the disruption of technologies to unlock their potential through new education and training models.

Global trend for social impact responsibility

Means for engaging in corporate sustainability and volunteer-led actions are plentiful and growing. Initiatives, organizations and consultancies are booming at national and global levels. Our target public investment return of billions of dollars can be allocated in Health, Transport and Social Care.

A different scalable model

In most sectors that aren’t born digital, traditional mindsets and ways of working run counter to those needed for technology and AI improvements. Our solutions cause a ripple effect for sustainable transformation.