Service provider partners

RestartUs is driven by partnership, promoting positive change and learning together. Through our work in reintegration and reoffending reduction we partner with projects that make a real difference to the lives of millions of people around the world. As we are increasingly identifying opportunities to work in partnership with supportive organisations. Partnering with us can mean anything from simple offering your services across our upcoming online directory to long-term collaboration.

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Continuous learning

A package of powerful tools designed for home users to get job opportunities or easily improve their resume across virtual classrooms. Resources like trainings, videos, music, arts, virtual reality experiences, creativity, and critical thinking to work one-on-one or with the whole family.

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Community-based programs and Organizations

Community-based Programs and Organizations

As a for-purpose environment, we are proud to collaborate with a broad spectrum of programs and organizations to reduce the risk of re-offending while empower individuals and families to restart. Moreover, we appreciate our public and third sector partners’ aims in social development, education and community support.

We are now contacting not-for-profit organizations, government support services, faith-based programs, volunteer-led activities, among other actions to be part of our innovative upcoming global directory as we are leveraging our global networks, expertise, and trust to help them achieve their goals.

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Entrepreneurial opportunities

Through collaborative partnerships, RestartUs will stimulate local business growth by identifying and matching news business opportunities supporting entrepreneurs to successfully start, prosper and grow their business while turning reintegrated individuals into economically active citizens.

We are building an online community to encourage local businesses and self-employed entrepreneurs to shape the future through innovation and productivity.

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Correctional staff contents

Here at the RestartUs, we value the commitment, passion, honesty, courage, professionalism, and safety of all the staff working inside and outside of the correctional facilities. We believe that the reintegration process also depends on empowering and enhancing the lives of those who proudly represent this boldest service worldwide.

RestartUs designed a package of powerful tools for every staff person’s to properly improve their hard and soft skills. Resources like calm-down training, curated online video classes, virtual reality training, conflict mediator, restorative practices, nutritional and wellbeing boost, and critical thinking that will benefit them and their whole family.

As we are increasingly identifying opportunities to work in partnership with correctional staff organisations.

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